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24 October 2019

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Wael Morcos

Brand Manager

Wael Morcos is a graphic designer and type designer and a partner at the Brooklyn based studio Morcos Key. He is from Beirut Lebanon and received his MFA from RISD in 2013.

Schedule: Date: 24 October 2019 Time:04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Capacity: 20 Students
Location: Hawyia Space
Fees: SAR 0.00

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Arabic Lettering Workshop 13 Wael Marcos

Arabic Lettering Workshop 13 Wael Marcos

Through the process, the participants will learn about the main parameters that define the Arabic script and letterforms and play around with them to see the different results that can be generated, at this workshop we will learn some basics of Arabic lettering including:

- Basics of Arabic lettering and matching Arabic & Latin letters together.
- Recognize each letter form and its alternative possibilities.


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